Global Grace aims to share the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with churches, groups, and ministries around the world to meet otherwise neglected needs. 



  • Please pray for India as it suffers tremendous trauma with it's second wave of Covid. We are currently fundraising to send relief. (May 2021)

  • The fifth session of Global Grace Sewing Institute is now underway with 20 women enrolled! (February 2021)

  • After several delays due to national lockdowns, the fourth sewing school class of 21 women has graduated and received their new sewing machines (November 2020)

  • The school year normally starts in June in India but has been delayed several times due to the pandemic. We have purchased new clothes and school supplies for all 206 children in our children's homes so they will be ready when school finally does open. (August 2020)

  • COVID-19 Relief is underway in India to support food shortages to families during the nation's mandated lockdown. (March-July 2020)

  • Global Grace is improving the nutrition for the 206 children in our children's homes by providing daily multivitamins and improving the overall quality of food provided. (January 2020)

  • The third sewing school class  of 21 women graduated and received their new sewing machines  (January 2020)