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Global Grace aims to share the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with churches, groups, and ministries around the world to meet otherwise neglected needs. 


  • The children's home rebuild in Kakinada is finished!  (September 2019)

  • The 25 children in our new children's home received their new mattresses. (August 2019)

  • The second sewing school class graduated with each of the 28 women receiving a new sewing machine as a graduation present.  (June 2019)

  • We purchased new clothes and school supplies for all 207 children in our children's homes, just in the time for their new school year. (June 2019)

  • We opened our 8th children's home (Kumarapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India) with 25 new children, bringing the total number of children in our care to about 210! (May 2019)

  • The inaugural class of 20 women graduated from our sewing school and each received their own sewing machine as a graduation present.  The second class of 31 women also just began their training. (January 2019)

  • For Christmas, we gave a new set of clothes to all 182 children in our children's homes.  We also  distributed clothing to the leper community and fed them a Christmas meal. (December 2018)

  • Global Grace opened a shelter for homeless widows in Chinnayyapalem, Andhra Pradesh, India.  The home will house and feed 20 women. (December 2018)

  • Our children's home in the Jagannaickpur neighborhood of Kakinada, India, was in poor condition and beyond repair.  So, we are tearing it down a rebuilding it with a proper foundation and a sturdy roof that will last for many years to come. (August 2018)

  • The Global Grace Sewing Institute opened in Visakhapatnam, India, with an inaugural class of 20 women!  Each student will receive a sewing machine at the end of the 6-month course. (June 2018)

  • Global Grace purchased new clothing and school supplies for the 182 children in our children's homes.  The new school year starts in June. (May 2018)

  • April was Compassion Month for Walton Charter Academy (Pontiac, MI).  They supported Global Grace with a coin drive to purchase school supplies for India's upcoming school year that starts in June.  The students and staff of Walton raised almost $900 for the children's homes!  What an incredible demonstration of compassion!  Thank you, WCA!  (April, 2018)

  • Global Grace partnered with Pineview Church (Ypsilanti, MI) to buy mattresses for all 182 children in our Global Grace Children's homes in Andhra Pradesh, India. (January 2018)